Top Sexy Anime Girls too Hot to Handle

9. Nezuko Kamado is From Demon Slayer, Cutest Demon and has ability to perform blood demon art.

8. Rias Gremory is From High School DxD. she is only daughter of Zeoticus and took the position of Lucifer.

7. Lucy Heartfilia is From Fairy Tail, a shoulder-length hair blonde with Celestial Spirit Magic.

6. Esdeath is From Akame Ga Kill!, a Hight ranked knight, has ability to use ice magic.

5. Elizabeth Liones is From Seven Deadly Sins. she is the best healer among 7 deadly sins.

4. Darkness is From Konosuba anime. She is a crusader and act as shield in Kazuma's party.

3. Mira Suou is From World's End Harem. She was created by UW Japan Branch to mate with Reito.

2. Yuuki Asuna is From Sword Art Online and girlfriend of Kirito.

1. Albedo is from Overlord. She is in charge of supervision in Nazarick and possesses highest defensive Power.