Top 10 Sexy Vampire anime girls Too Hot To Handle

Female Vampires are definitely too sexy and interesting characters. That’s why they have a small but dedicated fan following base among anime fans. As we know they are powerful, deadly, attractive and carry a strong romantic feeling for normal humans. Every man is impressed by their characters and beauty. Now you are more curious to know about them, am I right? Here’s our list of the top ten Vampire Anime Girls and Vampire girls’ anime.

1. Shinobu Oshino (Bakemonogatari)

Shinobu Oshino

Shinobu was a 599-year old vampire from “Bakemonogatari” anime who was the most powerful character in this series. Her true name is Kiss-shot Acerola-Orion Heart-Under-Blade. After the events at the end of Kizumonogatari, Kiss-shot was left in a significantly weakened condition in her eighth year of age with very little power. Later, she adopted the name Shinobu Oshino.

2. Megumi Shimizu (Shiki)

Megumi Shimizu

Megumi Shimizu was a young girl from Sotoba. Because of her style and personality she always dreamed of living in big cities and enjoying a city-girl lifestyle .The Kirishiki vampire family killed her in a cruel way and the person who killed her was Chizuru Kirishiki. With her death their hot season started turning into a season of blood in her village. Everyone thought the death of people was due to disease. Later a young doctor discovered this was due to abnormal non-human activity. Despite her hatred for her town, the most important thing for her was Natsuno Yuuki  who was determined to solve her death mystery. She is the most popular as well as engaging characters on the show. If you search for vampire girlfriend anime, I would say you will definitely love this show.

3. Krul Tepes (Owari no Seraph)

Krul Tepes

Krul Tepes is the third progenitor among the Japanese vampire kingdom, a founder member and also a queen in “Seraph of the End” anime. As she is a witch, she is much stronger than an ordinary Human. Later Mikaela Hyakuya becomes a vampire. Being selfish she views all humans as livestocks, except Mikaela Hyaku. Later in the anime Ferid Bathory killed Hyakuya but Tapes saved her life by turning him into a vampire. However, she did not do it for her own selfish reasons. In exchange Mikaela becomes dependent on her. Despite being a vampire Mikaela refuses to drink human blood. In this series Tapes was the only vampire to show him kindness by giving him a hug or treating him with gentleness. Actually She had a special bond with Mikaela Hyakuya and also showed concern for Hyakuya’s family members.

4. Sophie Twilight (Tonari no Kyuuketsuki-san)

Sophie Twilight

Sophie is from “Ms. Vampire who lives in my neighborhood” anime. A 360 years old girl is a female vampire who never ages. As she is a vampire, she stays away from sunlight and only awakes at night. She drinks only refrigerated blood and enjoys maintaining her cute look and loves to go to comic conventions and order otaku merchandise.

5. Mina Tepes (Dance in the Vampire Bund)

Mina tepes

If you’re looking for an anime vampire queen, this anime is for you. Mina Tepes is from “Dance in the Vampire Bund” anime. She is the ruler of all vampires (daughter of Dracula) and meets Akira when she was child. Despite being the queen of vampires, she doesn’t mind showing off her body whenever she can. She appears to be self-indulgent and proud of herself, she is actually very protective of her fellow vampire followers and does anything for their future, even if that means she is willing to risk her life. Despite harsh treatment from Akira, she loves him deeply and shows respect for him.

6.Youko Shiragami (Jitsu wa Watashi wa)

Youko Shiragami

Shiragami Youko, is a half-vampire from “Jitsu wa Watashi wa” anime and a romantic, lovable character in this anime. Her father was a vampire, and her mother was a human. Youko attended a human school, despite the fact she was a vampire. By seeing Youko to unfold her wings in an empty classroom, he discovered her secret, then he confessed his love for her because Kuromine loved her sexy look. Youko was a vampire with wings and long canines that was why she avoided showing her teeth to school. Although she could hide her wings, Youko was also sensitive to sunlight, but she didn’t turn into ashes.

7. Moka Akashiya (Rosario to Vampire)

Moka akashiya

Moka is from the “Rosario to Vampire” anime and a student of Yokai Private Academy. Tsukune first met her when he set foot in the monster realm. She is sweet and kind. After sucking Tsukune’s blood, she takes Tsukune with her  and she becomes addicted to Tsukune’s blood. She always wears a rosario cross around her neck to keep her vampire nature from being revealed. When her rostary(seal) is removed, a few physical changes take place, which signifies her transformation into a super-vampire.But only Tsukune is capable of removing her rosario cross.

8. Rima Toya (Vampire Knight)

Rima toya

Rima Toya is from the “Vampire Knight ” anime and one of the youngest students in “Night Class” at Cross Academy. There are two classes in the academy, one is “Day Class” and another is “Night class”. Members of the Night Class are mostly vampires. Rima has a close relationship with Senri Shiki and she works as a model.

9. Shalltear Bloodfallen (From Overlord anime)

Shalltear Bloodfallen

Shalltear, a vampire girl from “overload” anime, is the third Floor Guardian of the Great Tomb of Nazarick. Peroroncino created her. Shalltear feels proud of her status as Floor Guardian. She is also a rival for Albedo’s affection for Momonga, she always finds opportunity to prove herself worthy for Nazarick and fantasizes about what praise she will receive after that.

10. Seras Victoria (Hellsing)

Seras victoria

Seras Victoria was a policewoman in “Hellsing” anime, and was sent to investigate the situation at Cheddar Village. But unfortunately her squad is killed by vampires, and when she was almost being raped by the mad vampire priest, at that moment Alucard, a male vampire character killed the vampire by sending a bullet into her body. On a near death moment Alucard transformed Victoria into a vampire, and she joined the Hellsing party. Although she initially denied accepting her new abilities, eventually the situation forced him to accept her true power and identity. If You are looking for a Dracula anime and combination of a male vampire character then this is for you.

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