KonoSuba Season 3: release date, trailer, Cast, Plot, Other Updates

Are you a Shonen anime lover? Do you want to see some sexy hero-villain fight scenes? Are you not? Or you’re an Isekai lover And not just that? What about comedy? Supernatural? Harem? Yeah, most of us love this Isekai, Shounen, Comedy, harem, or other supernatural anime, don’t you think? For those who aren’t aware of “Kono Subarashii Sekai Ni Shukufuku O!” or, in short, “KonoSuba,” it’s a perfect blend of genres like Shonen, Harem, supernatural comedy. And for those who haven’t watched it, you are definitely “A Men Of Culture”.

KonoSuba Season 1

konoSuba Japanes Name :

Japanese name of this anime is “Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!

English name (meaning) :

English name of this anime is “KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World!

KonoSuba Main Characters and Cast :

Satou KazumaJun Fukushima
AquaSora Amamiya
MeguminRie Takahashi
DarknessAi Kayano
WizYui Horie

Everything about KonoSuba Season 1

KonoSuba season 1 release date

The first season of the konoSuba anime series was aired between January 14, 2016, to March 17, 2016. This series is based on the Light Novel series and produced by Studio Deen. The first season featured 10 episodes, and each of them is 23 minutes.

KonoSuba Season 1 storyline

In KonoSuba season 1, Kazuma Satou, the protagonist of this story, was introduced to Aqua after his sudden death in the real world due to heart failure. Aqua, a sexy goddess, suggested to Kazuma Satou two options: either continue to heaven or reincarnate as a protagonist in a fantasy universe of games.

Kazuma was a player before he died. So, he accepted the challenge and chose to reincarnate in a fantasy world with Aqua. However, Aqua was not very helpful in his battle against the demon. In the fantasy world, they needed to earn to stay alive and pay rent on time.

Slowly, “Megumin,” a magician, and “Darkness,” a crusader, joined their guild. Together, they fought many small and large battles against the demon and evil creatures. Finally, they got the victory against the battle with the Destroyer. However, Kazuma got detained by nobles in the end.

Everything about KonoSuba Season 2

KonoSuba Season 2

KonoSuba season 2 release date :

KonoSuba Season 2 was aired between January 12, 2017, to March 16, 2017, on tv Studio Deen. The second season featured 10 episodes, and each of them is 23 minutes.

KonoSuba Season 2 Storyline :

After their battle with the Destroyer, Kazuma was brought to jail, where he faced various traitorous activities. He was abandoned by his friends, thrown in jail, faced many lie detector tests; he was finally taken before a corrupt judge. This time Kazuma’s fate was at the lowest point of the barrel. However, the story isn’t over yet. Finally, Darkness took over to save Kazuma’s life. But at what price? How are they going to stop the Devil King? You have to see it in season 2.

KonoSuba Movie : Legend of Crimson

KonoSuba Movie Release Date :

KonoSuba Legend of Crimson is based on 5th volume of Light Novels. It was first aired on August 30, 2019 in Japan and November 12, 2019 in US.

Konouba Movie (storyline)

Konosuba: Legend of crimson movie starts when Yunyun got a threatening letter that was describing a disaster coming to Megumin’s village. Megumin was worried for her family and headed towards the Crimson Demon’s village with the party. Kazuma and his friends decided to visit Megumin’s birthplace. But After some time they realized  the letter was just a joke from her fellow demon.

KonoSuba Season 3 Plot (Storyline )

KonoSuba is based on Japanese Light Novels. It has 17 volumes. The first season follows volumes 1 and 2. The second season follows volumes 3 and 4. In addition, the movie, Legend of Crimson follows volume 5. So we can say KonoSuba season 3 will be based on Light Novels Volume 6.
The next season is likely to be based on volume 6. The story will be focused on Kazuma attending a meeting with the Crown after the victory against the Demon King. However, this encounter with the Crown results in a disastrous outcome later; Kazuma will get separated from his group for a time. The previous movie is also focused on the romantic relationship between Kazuma and Megumin. So we expect there would be some explanation for it in season 3.

KonoSuba Season 3: Renewed or Canceled

The third season was undetermined just a few days ago. But good news has finally come. The crew and staff from KonoSuba have decided to continue the show once more. On July 18, 2021, KonoSuba’s creators announced the renewed show in an announcement to their official Twitter account.
Although it isn’t confirmed yet which studio will produce season 3, an updated poster of the third season was distributed all over the web.

After the huge success of the previous movie, “Legend of Crimson,” it is expected that J.C. Staff may produce season 3. The film that was released in 2019 did an excellent job. So a new season is sure to become.

KonoSuba Season 3 Release Date :

Konosuba season 3 will be released in 2022.

But there is no official news about the release date yet, so no countdown as of now. We’ll have to wait to hear more about this season’s 3rd season. If we get any updates, We will surely inform you.

Conclusion :

Konosuba Season 3 was never cancelled, and a new anime series is in the process. It was evident from the beginning that this series of anime was going to continue for more seasons. It’s among the most popular series of Isekai.

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What’s the age rating of the KonoSuba?

According to myanimelist it is for 13 or older teen but in Netflix it is rated as 18+

where to watch KonoSuba in Order?

KonoSuba season 1 is available in Netflix but to watch season 2 and Legend of Crimson movie you have to visit Crunchyroll.

Is There A KonoSuba Season 3 Trailer?

Season 3 trailer isn’t announced yet. But is expected to release soon.

what is the Age of Megumin in KonoSuba ?

16 year-old

KonoSuba Movie (Legend of Crimson ) Release date

30 August 2019

Konosuba Movie English Dub

Crunchyroll officially dubs Konosuba Movie in English. So you can watch it in English in Crunchyroll.

konosuba movie where to watch

You can watch Konosuba: Legend of crimson movie in Crunchyroll. It is a 1h 30 min long movie.

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