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Kayoanime is an illegal website that provides pirated anime series and anime movies download and streaming services free of cost. The website creators have been known to release anime episodes from several genres within an hour after the episode is released in OTT.

History of Kayoanime :

Kayoanime was founded on 2019-08-22 and registered in Iceland as per whois.com data. The server of this site located in United states.

Kayoanime Global Ranking :

  • The Global ranking of kayo anime is 47073 according similarwen.com .
  • Alexa ranked 44,900 in global internet engagement.
  • India Rank 5100.
  • Australia Rank 17511.
  • N.B, This rank changes from time to time.

Country Wise Traffic to Kayoanime :

India 27%
United States10%

Engagement In Kayoanime :

The Average monthly visit in Kayo anime is 1.37 Million and has an average of 50.2K users and 194,379 page views every day.

Average Monthly Visit 1.37M
Avg. Visit Duration1 minute 55 seconds
Bounce Rate40.16%
Average Pages per Visit3

Traffic Acquisition of kayoanime :

Kayo anime’s 67%  traffic comes from Direct, followed by Search with 30%.People visit just before, google.com , youtube.com , myanimelist.net .

Organic Search30%
Social media4%

Most Popular keywords on Kyoanime:

  • the daily life of the immortal king
  • blue period
  • 86 (Eighty Six) Season 2
  • Blue Period Episode 11
  • One Piece (All Season + Movies + OVAs) dual audio
  • My Hero Academia (Seasons 1-5 + Movies + OVAs + Specials)
  • komi Can’t Communicate English Subbed
  • Naruto Shippuden dual audio
  • the misfit of demon king academy
  • tensei shitara slime datta ken season 2 part 2
  • tokyo revengers 1080p dual audio

 Kayoanime.com estimated of worth and daily earning :

The estimated price from that i found, will be $179,288.39 and this site could earn around $245.60/day from the advertising revenue. 0.0011 percent of all global Internet users use Kayoanime.com .

Are kayoanimeclothing.com and kayoanime.com same company?

No, kayoanimeclothing.com is much oldera California based clothing company, established in 2014. There is no such relation between them, I found till now.

Can I go to jail for watching anime on Kayoanime or other illegal sites?

No criminal charges have ever been reported against a single lonely user for simply streaming an unlicensed anime series or anime movies. Therefore, your chance of going to jail only for watching pirated or unlicensed anime contact is too low.

Wait, But It’s illegal to download anime content on your mobile, pc. It is also illegal to upload and share any unlicensed or unauthorized content on the web or in society. Because by downloading, uploading, or sharing, you are claiming ownership of the content, so you should stay away from it.

You are Hereby Notified,

I, the writer and owner of this website, am notifying you that I am against the piracy of any digital content, do not support any piracy-related activity, and follow the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act. So I am not responsible for any of your unethical activity. I am writing this content on kayoanime only for review purposes.

All data are collected from different sources and estimated by me. There are no data that is 100% accurate.

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Is there any Kayo anime app?

There is not any kayoanime applicating available yet.

Kayo anime apk download?

Threre is no apk yet.

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