Interesting Facts I Bet You Never Knew About IT Chapter 3

IT Chapter 3

Both of the chapters have scared us like hell. Have you ever thought about IT 3? Is it possible that “It Part 3” will return to scare us and take us to another level? The two original sequels are the most popular horror film. Producers Roy Lee and Dan Lin have decided to invest in the third sequel, i.e., IT Chapter 3.

The storyline of the Movie: It Chapter 1 & It Chapter 2

IT Part 1 Movie was released on 8 September 2017. The supernatural horror film is based upon the 1986 Stephen King novel IT. New Line Cinema, KatzSmith Productions, Lin Pictures, and Vertigo Entertainment produced the movie. Warner Bros distributed the film. Andy Muschietti directed the film, while Chase Palmer, Cary Fukunaga, and Gary Dauberman wrote the script.”It chapter 1″ was released in the United States in 2D and won many awards.

Bill’s 7-year-old brother Georgie Denbrough asked him to make a paper sailing boat because he wanted fun in the rainstorm. The boat ended up in the drain after it was swept down the street during the rainstorm. Georgie ran behind it to locate it and later saw a clown in the drain. Georgie did not know much about the clown. The clown was Pennywise, an evil clown who awoke after 27 years of sleep. The clown tricked Georgie by believing that the whole circus was waiting for him and took him to the sewer. Georgie’s desire to get his boat back agreed to go along with Pennywise. Later, Pennywise consumed Georgie.

Nobody knew the exact location where Georgie disappeared, but Bill started a mission to find his brother. He didn’t believe his brother was gone and he could not do anything. Bill later started a mission with his friends Richie Tozier, Eddie Kaspbrak, Stan Uris, Ben Hanscom, Ben Hanscom, Beverly Marsh and Mike Hanlon to find Georgie. This group of friends formed a club, was known as the Loser’s Club, and was led by Bill.

After the incident, they discovered that along with Georgie two other children from the village were missing, Eddie Corcoran and Betty Ripsom. Ben was more aware of the situation and decided to investigate further. He started an investigation about the disappearances and murders that occurred 27 years ago. He joined the Loser’s Club to fight the evil Pennywise.

IT Part 2 movie was released on 6 September 2019. It is the sequel to the first film. The film stars Jessica Chastain acts as the lead, along with Bill Hader, Isaiah Mustafa, Jay Ryan, James Ransone, Andy Bean. IT Chapter Two premiered in Los Angeles on 26 August 2019. It was also released in the United States on 6 September 2019 by Dolby Cinemas and IMAX IN 2D.

The Losers’ Club defeated Pennywise in Chapter 1. After 27 years, the evil clown returns to terrorize Derry once again. The childhood friends are now adults and have moved on to their own lives. Mike Hanlon summons the other friends to help him when people begin disappearing. The Losers, who are still haunted by past traumas, must overcome their deepest fears in order to defeat the Pennywise once again. They are now stronger than ever.

IT Chapter 3 Cast :

it chapter 3 cast

There is no official announcement about the IT Chapter 3 star cast. We can only say that chapter 2 was the end of all storylines. Therefore, it is likely no one will get their roles back. The only character we can expect to see in chapter 3, is Bill Skarsgard (Castle Rock), the actor who played Pennywise role as dancing clown, in the previous sequels. The storyline is still unknown, so it’s hard to discuss the prediction of the star cast.

IT Chapter 3 Release Date (air)?

IT’s first two chapters were shown on the big screen in the gap of just two years. We can expect the third chapter between 2022-2023.

Who is Pennywise ?

Pennywise is not only Just Crown, it is an Evil came from another Universe many centuries ago, and woke up in the 1700s to eat human beings. It believes that he  wakes every 27-30 years to eat  human. It considers humans to be worthless living beings that can only be eaten.

who is playing the clown in the new it movie ?

“Bill Skarsgård” is playing Clown Role in both movies.


Andy Muschietti, the creator of IT films, has not yet announced a release date. Some internet speculation suggested that the main story had been covered in the first two chapters. So not too much storyline left in the novel. The makers may cancel this sequel. If the third season comes it will come with a new storyline. The IT  lovers will have to wait a little longer to see “IT” in the movie theater once again.

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where to watch it chapter 1 and 2 ?

It Part 1 and 2 are available on Netflix, Prime video and YouTube.

who dies in it chapter 2 ?

Stanley Uris, Pennywise, and Eddie Kaspbrack die in it Chapter 2.

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