Know Everything about HarmonQuest Season 4: Cancelled or Renewed


Game lover who plays lots of fantasy games such as ‘Dungeons and Dragons’ or Wild Hunt’, for him HarmonQuest is a must watch show. If you are still not curious about this show, I bet you will never feel bored watching it’s comedy scenes. Now we are waiting for HarmonQuest season 4. “HarmonQuest” is an American animated comedy television series that Dan Harmon and Spencer Crittenden created. I bet you know the famous Spencer Crittenden, a writer and producer of popular shows such as “Rick and Morty” and ‘The Community’.

All attractions and main characters of this show are the comedy duo of Erin McGathy, and Jeff B. Davis, their game master Crittenden and Harmon. Each episode features a new guest.

Popular characters of HarmonQuest and Casts:

Fondue Zoobag

Dam Harmon played the role of Fondue Zoobag. Zoobag is from Earthscar Village, a village that is safe for all non-human races such as half-orcs, orcs, and those who are shunned by society. Zoobag, the homosexual guy, was sent to defeat the Heralds who was attacking their village during the day of the Restoration ceremony. Due to an unresolved issue with his father, he faced numerous negative comments from his society.

Beor O’Shift

Erin McGathy played the role of Beor O’Shift, a wandering barbarian and female protagonist of this show who comes from Skull Tree Clan, Beor meets Fondue Zoobag along with Boneweevil when Manticore cultists are chasing her. The barbarian rage that is the source of her power that grants her the ability of extraordinary speed and power. Her weapon is an axe which she calls “Only Friend”. In later episodes, she found a new weapon, a magic sword, which she called “New Friend”.


Boneweevil is a good friend of Fondue Zoobag, also from The Earthscar Village, and he is a goblin. His innovative plans in combat are popular among the Party. Despite being the weakest member in this group, his extraordinary strategy in war can take on any monster larger than him. He’s also known as a smart guy in the Party for his ability to solve difficult problems and puzzles.

Game master

Spencer Crittenden played the role of the game master. As a game master, Spencer is solely responsible for creating adventures where players play.

How many episodes and seasons of HarmonQuest are there?

HarmonQuest has 3 seasons, each with 10 episodes, total 30 episodes in 3 seasons.

HarmonQuest Season 1

HarmonQuest Season 1 Trailer :

Enjoy HarmonQuest season 1 trailer here.

HarmonQuest Season 1 Storyline:

The town of Earthscar was home for Fondue Zoobag, Boneweevil, a half-orc and a goblin. Beor O’Shift, a barbarian woman, rushed into the village and sought help fighting against the cultists. All 3 formed a party.

In prison(Party), they encountered Hawaiian Coffee, was an alchemist from the gnome world. He helped them escape at the end of the first season of HarmonQuest. They attempted to close the portal using the Manticore and succeeded. However, Boneweevil, a Blue Dragon and Fondue’s dad got trapped inside the portal.

How many episodes of HarmonQuest season 1 have?

HarmonQuest Season 1 has a total of 10 episodes, and each episode is 23 minutes long.

 HarmonQuest Season 1 Released date (aired):

 HarmonQuest Season 1 was aired on July 14 2016.

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HarmonQuest Season 2

HarmonQuest Season 2 Trailer

Enjoy HarmonQuest season 2 trailer here.

HarmonQuest Season 2 Storyline:

In the episode of HarmonQuest season 2, Fondue and Beor O’Shift attempted to free their friend from the realm of demons. Still, they were trapped in the demon realm. Fondue discovered his magical sword hidden in the half-buried hilt that was known as the great Manticore.

Celty attacked the Party, but Charles and Sandy rescued them. The line between the material plane and the realm of demons was breaking down quickly. “Outside world will transform into a hellscape in the next few days”, Celty told ​before she passed away.

How many episodes of HarmonQuest season 2 have?

HarmonQuest Season 2 has a total of 10 episodes, and each episode is 23 minutes long.

 HarmonQuest Season 2 Release date (aired)

The second season of HarmonQuest was aired on the channel VRV Select on September 15 2017 and concluded on November 17, 2017.

HarmonQuest Season 3

HarmonQuest Season 3 Storyline

HarmonQuest Season 3 started with the collapsing of two worlds together. Beor O’Shift, Boneweevil with Fondue’s soul trapped inside a sword where they were trying locate their way back. They travelled into the Barbarian village.

In the story, the Party were in the Imperium Plane of Judgements, and where they faced trial. They escaped from the Imperium and ended up on the plane of astral travel. They fought an old foe with the aid of an angelic guardian.

How many episodes of HarmonQuest season 3 have?

HarmonQuest season 3has a total of 10 episodes, and each episode is 23 minutes long.

HarmonQuest Season 3 Release date (aired):

HarmonQuest Season 3 was aired on August 18, 2019, and after ten episodes concluded on October 18, 2019

HarmonQuest Season 4  

HarmonQuest Season 4 Possible Storyline:

The story will start where it was left. Our Heroes will come back to establish peace in the demon world again.

Cast and Characters of HarmonQuest Season 4 :

We are hopeful all previous main characters will come back in season 4.

  • Spencer Crittenden as the Game Master
  • Boneweevil (Jeff Devis), as a goblin.
  • Beor O’shift (Erin McGathy ), as a half-elf barbarian warrior
  • Fondue Zoobag (Dan Harmon), as a half-orc ranger.

When will HarmonQuest Season 4 be Released?

HarmonQuest Season 4 is cancelled by seeso. The show will not return for a fourth season. However, other production houses may pick this show. if it is, the possible release date of HarmonQuest Season 4 will be in 2022.

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Where can I watch( stream) HarmonQuest?

It is available on Amazon Prime Video and VRV.CO.

Is Harmonquest on Netflix?

No, HarmonQuest isn’t available on Netflix.


Considering the huge support and outgrowing popularity, we will hope for HarmonQuest soon.

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Is HarmonQuest on Hulu?

No, HarmonQuest isn’t available on Hulu.

Is HarmonQuest on Amazon prime?

yes, HarmonQuest is available on Amazon prime video.

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