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Drifters Season 2

In this pandemic era, if there was a place to go where I could enjoy my life as much as I can, I would definitely go there. You also had the same dream, am I right? To keep this dream alive, I started watching Isekai anime where I could fulfil my dream. I started with Konosuba but after its first season was finished, I was thinking, if there were some more isekai anime featuring action, adventure, I would be so happy to watch it. Then I got that gem, this is Drifters, wait wait. I know you are here to read the news about “Drifter season 2”, we will definitely cover it in this article.

You should know this Before watching Drifters season 2 :

  “Drifters” was created by manga writer Kouta Hirano, who is best known for his well-known creation Hellsing series. The first manga was published in 2010 in the Japanese magazine “Young King’s O’s” then the series was published in the U.S. by Dark Horse Comics. The manga was later developed into an anime show in 2016 which was produced by the Tokyo-based producer “Hoods Entertainment” and directed by Suzuki Kenichi.

Drifters Production House and Staffs :

Production House (studio)Hoods Entertainment
DirectorSuzuki Kenichi
Producer Ueda Yasuyuki

Drifters season 2 Characters and Possible Voice Actors :

CharactersVoice Actor
Shimazu ToyohisaNakamura Yuuichi
Oda NobunagaUchida Naoya
Yoichi SuketakaSaiga Mitsuki
Back KingTaiten Kusunoki

Who made Drifters anime?

This anime is Directed By Suzuki Kenichi under Hoods Entertainment Studio.

The Storyline of Drifters Season 2 :

Oda Nobunaga, and other warriors, they were from all races, like humans, elves, dwarves, hobbits. The series follows Toyohisa Shimazu, who was fighting his foes with his amazing sword ability. After a time of fighting he was injured and then lost consciousness. When he woke up after a while, he found himself in a hallway with a variety of doors. Then Murasaki invited him to pick the door. When he selected the door, he was taken into another realm. In the other world, he formed a party with Nobunaga Oda, and Yoichi Suketaka Nasu and fought numerous battles and encountered many more cruel creatures. In season 2 they will declare war against “End”, the antagonist in this story. The manga is still going so we can not tell what is coming next. You have to wait a little more until it completes.

Drifters Season 2 Trailer :

The trailer of “Drifter season 2” isn’t released yet but You can watch the Drifters trailer here.

Drifters season 2 characters :

Toyohisa Shimazu :

The main character Shimazu Toyohisa was a famed Samurai fighter who died in battle in 1600. When he first came into this new world after his death, he was severely injured and was taken to the hiding place of Nobunaga by a group of younger elves. They formed a party to rule the new world and Toyohisa was their leader

Nobunaga Oda :

Oda Nobunaga conquered the majority of Japan during the time of the Sengoku period. In the past, he was well-known as the daimyo that took the first step towards unifying Japan and was the first among Japanese army commanders to use arquebuses in battle. Being a Drifter in this new world, he also used an arquebus during combat. He died twenty years before Toyohisa.

Suketaka Yoichi :

Nasu Suketaka Yoichi also known as Nasu no Yoichi, was a very skilled man at age of nineteen. he passed away many years before Nobunaga and Toyohisa but the date of his death is unknown. Yoichi was the youngest of the group. He was an excellent archer, his skill was frequently utilized throughout the entire anime series. Sometimes he finished numerous enemies at once.

Who is Back King In Drifters anime?

The Black King is “End” who was once a search for redemption for humans, but now advocates for non-humans and wants the demise of all humankind. He is also the principal antagonist in Drifters.

Is Black King Jesus Christ?

Many clues suggested Black King may be Jesus. Just like Jesus, Black King was able to heal thousands and could increase resources – like food, water. We all knew the famous story where Jesus Fed 5,000 men by transforming a few pieces of fish and a couple of bread into a feast.

But neither in manga nor in anime, there was any mention about Jesus. So the chance of Black King being Jesus is very low but as we know manga is not complete yet, so we can not tell what is coming next.

Drifters Season 2 Release Date : 

Drifters season 1 was aired between Oct 7, 2016, to Dec 23, 2016. After the end of season 1, we got an official tweet “see you soon”. But it has already been 5 years since we did not receive any updates till now, but we expect it may come in 2022.

How do we know that Drifters Season 2 is Coming or Not?

Reason 1. Drifters anime has a huge fan following, and it is still not completed.

Reason 2: The manga has 6 Volumes. Anime and OVAs covered almost 5 volumes so there is a lack of content for drifters season 2 but as we know, manga is still ongoing. so there is a chance of season 2 coming. Hopefully, there will be enough content for a second season.

Where can I watch drifters anime?

You can watch Drifters anime on the Funimation website. Both English subbed and Dubbed versions are available.

How long is Drifters anime?

It has 12 episodes and three OVAs. Each episode is 23 minutes long.

Is Drifter a good anime ( CONCLUSION)?

This anime is full of action and thrilling scenes so if you love to watch action anime then you will love this. Like thousands of other fans, I am also waiting for its next season. If I get any updates, we will update this article.

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Drifters anime what language do the elves speak?

They speak the Orte language, a Latin-originated language that is used in anime.

Drifters anime Age Rating

Drifters rated as R – 17+ for its violence and profanity.

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