Know Your Beloved Darkness in Konosuba

Most of us love sexy anime female characters, Darkness is one of them. She is the most loveable, bold and beautiful female. Here are some interesting stories and facts that you never know.


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Who is Darkness in Konosuba?

Dustiness Ford Lalatina, also called Darkness, is among the 3 main female characters in the anime show “KonoSuba God’s Blessing of the Wonderful World!”. She is a warrior with masochistic streak who joins Kazuma’s group, and aims to eliminate the Demon King of KonoSuba’s isekai world along with Megumin and Aqua. Lalatina is the only child of Ignis Ford Dustiness. In the course of her journey, Lalatina became an adventurous person who kills powerful monsters.

How old is Darkness in Konosuba?

Darkness is the oldest participant in Kazuma’s party. When she first joined her party, she was about 18 years old, and a year has gone by since then. 

So Darkness is now 19 years old Now.

How tall is Darkness in Konosuba?

Darkness is a 5’6″ tall young blonde with a sexy figure.

How strong is Darkness in Konosuba?

Darkness has high strength and can fight against a variety of guards Without being defeated for a long time, she broke Beldia’s armour in a close battle.

Unfortunately, due to her inexplicably poor accuracy, she’s not able to utilize sword power correctly.

Darkness is only useful using her body as a shield for Kazuma’s party members who require protection. In Konosuba, Darkness acts as a shield for Kazuma’s party.

How did Darkness meet Kazuma?

Darkness is a member of the Dustiness nobles’ family known for being “the Shield of the kingdom”. She was raised with nobles from other noble families and with her older sibling Iris.

As Darkness was getting older, Darkness’s father attempted to get her married. To get rid of her marriage she attends church where she prays for companions for her adventurous journey.

“Darkness” encounters Kazuma after she reads the invitation for joining a new party. Even though he initially rejects her, later joins the group. She becomes friends with Kazuma, Aqua, and Megumin.

When did Darkness meet Kazuma?

Darkness was a crusader, searching for a party for her adventurous Journey in the 2nd episode of the KonoSuba anime. She became the final member of Kazuma’s party despite being among the more week ones.

Aqua being a member from the beginning of story. Megumin was first who joins the party officially. So Darkness took the second position in the order of joining.

Some characteristics of Darkness:

Darkness appears to be the most courteous one to the front. As a noble woman, she is always able to show herself with pride and dignity. As a crusader, she declares it is her responsibility to protect her fellow members from any kind danger, even if that puts her own life in danger.

Darkness is a moral masochist who never misses any opportunity to throw her body to protect others who she loves. Her dedication for her friends to protect them, regardless of the situation, is noticeable in the story.

What was the motive (aim) of Darkness in Konosuba?

Darkness is more open until she acknowledges that the only reason for her becoming a crusader initially was to sexually punish the Demon King.

Additionally, One of her goals of the coming years is marrying an alcoholic who is abusive. She would like her husband to oblige her to sell her body to make money. After seeing her true personality, everyone in the group becomes uncomfortable.

Is Darkness in love with kazuma?

Darkness also regards Kazuma as a trustworthy friend who she can trust and count on. In the later part of the narrative, Darkness starts to develop feelings towards Kazuma when he saves her from an unplanned wedding.

In the 12th volume, she confessed that she was in love with him and obsessed with him since she was rescued from Alderp. In fact, she gave kisses to Kazuma with her lips.

In volume 13, Darkness tries to charm Kazuma by inviting him to bathe. Before she is able to fulfill her wish, Megumin returns from her visit and interrupts Darkness.

So we can say Darkness also has feelings for Kazuya.

Darkness Relationship with Megumin:

Despite being extremely good companions, Darkness and Megumin often rival for the affections of Kazuma. While Megumin doesn’t  initially averse to Darkness’s sexual aspect, But later Magumin  irritated by it once Darkness has tried to charm Kazuma who often calls her a sexual slut.

Darkness Relationship with Chris:  

Chris is Darkness’s oldest and most trusted friend. Chris isn’t bothered by Darkness’s twisted side. In reality, Chris has a connection to the god Eris that ‘Darkness’ worships, but Darkness does not know that fact.

Does Darkness die in konosuba?

The epilogue comes from the perspective of Eris, in that sense, we can observe Kazuma returning to Heaven where he gave an update on the other characters.

Megumin headed somewhere with Yunyun to start the day and Darkness was ruling a province and attracting many potential suitors

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Who is the konosuba darkness voice actor?

Ai Kayano acts as a Japanese voice actor in konosuba.

Who is Konosuba Darkness English dubbed voice actor?

In “Konosuba: God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World!” the English dub voice of Darkness is Cristina Valenzuela.

What is Darkness dress color and Hair color?

Darkness has a sexy figure in black sleeves knight armor uniform with golden hair.

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